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1) Classical Music Digest label (internet address: is established in France (temporary address: 83 avenue Emile Zola, 75015 PARIS – Tel: 33 (0) 1 40 59 90 20). It is to this day a limited company with a capital of 7 622.45 €, registered with Paris’ R.C.S. under number 398410852. Manager: Christian de LAPEYRIÈRE. – There is currently no establishment of this label outside of France.

2) The name of the site and its contents being protected by copyright, any reproduction, translation or transformation is prohibited.

3) Except in cases of authorised exceptions, downloadable works are strictly for the private use of individuals. Resales, exchanges, rents or transfers to third parties are prohibited. Indeed, these misappropriations would constitute a violation of the rules of copyright (the summaries themselves being protected as derivative works) and rules of neighbouring rights that work in favour of the original producers.

4) It may be recalled here that our summaries are not a substitute to the original works and do not exempt the listener from having access to the complete recordings. These summaries provide the public with an alternative between knowing nothing at all and complete works that it may not be prepared to assimilate. Finally, these summaries are radically different from traditional compilations which are not derivative works.

5) The customer is responsible for the information they provide when ordering and for the selection of works he downloads; he must check references and download formats before confirming the order, as well as format compatibility with the receiving medium.

6) Classical Music Digest is not responsible for any incidents that may occur in the connection offered by internet support providers (ISPs) when downloading between the platform and the client’s receiving medium. In addition, Classical Music Digest. does not guarantee the download times that are not its responsibility.

7) The prices are all tax-included from France, when applicable.

8) The customer’s bank details are never stored; only some personal data may be for statistical purposes and for strictly internal use to Classical Music Digest. Therefore, any request for information outside the operation of the Classical Music Digest site should be considered suspicious.

9) Classical Music Digest reserves the right to alter, amend or add any point that would be justified.

10) For the rest, we will keep to the rules that apply to this type of sale.

11) Finally, the client is supposed to have read the above information when starting a download.



  • Courier address :
    Classical Music Digest
    83 avenue Emile Zola
    75015 PARIS (FRANCE) 
  • Phone : 33 (0)1 40 59 90 20
  • Contact : Christian de Lapeyrière